As an English major, Ang does extensive work in diverse forms of writing. These will be disclosed in the following order:

  • Professional
  • Artistic
  • Personal

At a Professional Level

Freelance and Remote Web Content Writer is the current hat under which Ang keeps on the move. Writing blogs and Facebook ads, especially, Ang’s area of work lies in outsourced online corporate writing.

With a genuine interest in customized attention, Ang has accumulated experience by servicing a wide range of clients. From a Norwegian startup in the food industry to an entrepreneur in Asia, as well as a long-term employment history with an Isle of Man online gaming company, Ang finds absolute thrill in serving a diverse clientele at an international level.

As a translator, Ang has contributed to a book titled “Los límites de la democracia costarricense: Perspectivas feministas de la elección 2018” (“The limits of Costa Rican democracy. Feminist perspectives on the 2018 elections.”) for which Ang translated Jennifer M. Piscopo’s original English publication to Spanish.

She has also engaged in translating The Jasmines, one out of a series of published books on poetry and stories written by their mother, Sandra Azofeifa. That poetry book translation took place in the inverse language pair direction than the chapter mentioned above.

Art Released in Poetry Form

Poetry in the written form is not the preferred means of communication for Ang, yet she has been awarded 2nd prize for poetry at the recent artistic expression award titled “Mujeres Trenzando nuestras experiencias, nuestros derechos, nuestras rebeldías por la defensa y autonomía de nuestros cuerpos” (Women braiding our experiences, our rights, our rebellions through the defense and autonomy of our bodies”) which was granted by the Asociación de Mujeres por la Dignidad y la Vida, Las Dignas (Women Association for Dignity and Life, Las Dignas) in El Salvador on September 28th, 2018.

Also, one of Ang’s poems titled “Mi apellido” has been turned into videopoetry by feminist Central American visual artist and producer ContraCultura CA (August, 2017.)

Back in February, 2017, Ang presented an essay titled “Mi pelo o la performatividad de mi cuerpo: una experiencia de género e identidad sexual recorriendo Centroamérica por mes y medio” (My hair or the performativity of my body: A gender and sexual identity experience touring Central America during 1.5 months).  This piece was a part of the “I Jornadas de Reflexión sobre el Cuerpo y las Corporalidades”, a body and performance series of workshops, lectures and artistic manifestations that took place in San José, Costa Rica as organized by the Colectivo Corporeidades.

Aside from this, Ang is currently focusing on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. She is currently writing on the play as part of a thesis requirement for her master’s degree in English literature.

The Very Personal

Writing is a way of letting steam out for Ang, however. This is why their personal blog is the widest, most frequent form of personal writing currently out on the web for Ang.

Written at times in English, at times in Spanish, at times in both or more and made-up languages, this blog is a very unfiltered personal disclosure of day-to-day events in playful and light writing. As part of decolonial/anti-colonial efforts and with zero efforts on generating leads nor traffic, Ang lets her heart pour out most sincerely over this blog to a small, yet faithful group of organic active followers worldwide.

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