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Kishím (November 2019)

San José, Costa Rica

Based on a true story of a mother and daughter that migrated from Guatemala to the United States and were separated at the border during Donald Trump’s administration, the play focuses on 2 women and a non-binary minor.

All Central American people in displacement, they find each other in a detention center at a border territory between the USA and Mexico, where they share their lives’ stories, their abilities, and limitations, their deepest wishes, experiences, and traumas.

Through time lapses, we unveil their circumstances and perspectives on life. Will they be able to get out? What will be of their efforts to get out of this detention center?

kishim afiche final

Dramaturgy: Original collective script
Director: Ang Azofeifa
Co-creators and performers:
Vivian Bonilla
Andrea Echeverría
Mariel Romero
Original Music – Violoncello: Ileana Rivera
Lighting and sound technician: Wilberth Arroyo
Duration: 50 minutes

Raising Peacemakers Children’s Theater Camp – CTC (July 2019)

Holliston, Massachusetts

A children’s musical theater piece tailored once more for the Children’s Theater Company of Boston in its 2019 production of the Raising Peacemaker‘s program.

CTC group pic


Cast: 12

Stage assistance: Samantha Sobhian and Erfaan Fadiani

backdrop CTC

The Butter Battle Book (July 2018)

Newton, Massachusetts

A children musical theater piece tailored for the Children’s Theater Company of Boston in its 2018 production of the Raising Peacemaker‘s program.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.53.47 PM

Cast: 7 female, 1 male (ages 5 to 13)

Technical assistance: Scenography director, music director, bass, piano and guitar players for a final live music show. Full costume and scenography assistance team.

Kixim (March 2017)

Teatro Montes de Oca – San José, Costa Rica

A contemporary dance-theater piece based on collective creative work.
With an original script and a cast of 5, this play looked at the intersections between art, migration, gender and sexuality in defense of immigrant, LGBTQI+ and artist rights.
Based on the Orlando massacre of 06/12/16.
Cast: 2 male, 3 female.
Vivian Bonilla
Mileney Ching
Rebeca Córdoba
Lenin Quesada
Camilo Regueyra
Lighting technician: Wilberth Arroyo Chacón
Watch the entire play here.


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