Ang’s latest piece is actually a solo. It started off as a personal challenge to go out on stage and leave directing aside for a minute. Thus, Ang was selected to take part as performer at a dance-theater festival for social justice by women and gender non-conforming artists from New England, which is titled We Create and is beautifully and luxuriously well-organized by the powerful dance-theater for social justice company, Danza Orgánica.

wecreate poster
Poster by Amanda Ng Yann Chwen

As performer, Ang is mostly a spoken word scenic performer. That means…speaking out to the crowds is a zone of comfort for Ang whereby the stage becomes play.  A playground is all it is, really, wherein Ang needs to feel comfortable before organicity can be a part of her game.

Check Out the Spoken Word Section on Ang

In the Past

As part of the 50th anniversary since the creation of the School of Modern Languages, the school created a short video that recounts its history through mention of its directors to date. That is how we created a collective work through which a main character (yep! Ang’s first acting gig for the camera and as a main one) looked for a room in the school’s buildings that has traditionally been very hard to find. One of those senseless things in a known, loved environment. Directed under famous national theater director, Mabel Marín, the camera direction came from a man who knows what he is doing, Mr. Carlos Chacón. Under the edit mastery of Harry Sibaja, here is a glimpse of the first steps in camera acting for Ang. A looong, long time ago…not too long, though! 😉

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