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About Me


I’m Ang Azofeifa and I do a little bit of a few things.

Having started as an interpreter at the age of 17, I’ve been a workaholic for a lifetime. It’s part of me.

As an English graduate, I naturally started teaching in a foreign language school only to quickly move on to the more lucrative online gaming industry. Scaling over time to customer service front line manager, theater became my escape valve. And then some.

While moving on from gaming to a tech startup in the Silicon Valley, I found in Edward Albee the perfect readings at dusk with which unwind. Out of a short stay in Palo Alto, I went back to leading tours in Costa Rica to put me through Dramatic Arts school. Thereafter, I’ve made writing my living.


Being able to work out of my laptop, I write for clients and for pleasure and have found a way to put my very peculiar backgrounds in the arts and the startup business worlds to a very beautiful final combination.

As project manager to a food startup in a different continent from mine, for example, I make the best of the company’s slow times to dance away in my creative and artistic processes.

Freelance writing also gives me the perfect work-life balance to keep volunteering around the world, living in my own flesh the social issues that matter to me most, only to bring them to the frontline of what I design for the stage.

If you’ve read this far, you most probably find I’m too much of a hybrid to be good at what you need. If that is the case, I beg you please think twice about that. I’m not only an over-achiever but a very devoted collaborator. And I’m most definitely interested in whatever it is you need that has brought you this far.

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